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Beer distributors file bill, An Act to promote economic development and market access for emerging businesses

 The Beer Distributors of Massachusetts have filed a bill that will give breweries more choice and flexibility in their partnerships with distributors. The bill (H.2823), filed by Worcester Rep. John Mahoney, would allow privately owned and operated breweries that brew less than about 413,000 cases of beer annually to "refuse to sell beer to any of their distributors at any time, for no reason at all," according to the Beer Distributors Inc.

"This proposal is an equitable solution for emerging breweries," William Kelley, president of the organization, said in a statement. "It provides unprecedented opportunity for breweries to develop and grow their businesses, while protecting the independent local distributors and the jobs they create from the economic leverage of larger multinational corporations."

To read the full bill, click here. 

The Worcester Business Journal published a story covered by the State House News Service. Read the full story here:

Carrie Nash