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About the Association

The Beer Distributors of Massachusetts is a full service, professional trade association representing thirteen beer distribution companies in Massachusetts. Our primary mission is advocating on behalf of member companies in the legislative, regulatory, legal and public policy arenas. The Beer Distributors of Massachusetts strongly supports the licensed three tier distribution system for the sale of beer in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

In addition to a wide range of benefits for member companies, the Beer Distributors of Massachusetts is a valuable resource to policy makers and the public on alcohol regulation, educational programs designed to combat underage drinking and drunk driving.




William Kelley

Mr. Kelley is the President of the Beer Distributors of Massachusetts Inc., the leading trade association in Massachusetts advocating on behalf of family-owned businesses in the beer distribution industry and working to promote the responsible use of the products they distribute.

Prior to becoming President of the trade association, Mr. Kelley was the General Counsel of the Massachusetts Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission (“ABCC”) between 1991 – 2013.  As in-house counsel, he advised Commission members and staff on licensing and compliance issues with retail, wholesale and supplier businesses; drafted legislation and regulations; tracked and prepared policy positions and commentary on proposed legislation and regulations at both state and federal levels; lent expertise to legislative committee chairmen and staff on proposed legislation:  and was the ABCC’s liaison to both Massachusetts Attorney General and to the State, 351 cities and towns.  In addition, Bill served as media liaison for the ABCC, responding to inquiries from media in all forms (print, television, radio, blogs), legislators, municipal and federal officials.


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