Beer Distributors of Massachusetts, Inc.
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An Established Distribution System



Checks and Balance in Beer Distribution

Beer distributors are the critical link in the established and regulated system which includes brewers and importers, distributors, and retailers. Our members provide a variety of beer brands through licensed retailers at a great value in a manner that is safe and for the public. 

Entities wishing to manufacture, promote, distribute, deliver, merchandise, or sell beer, wine or spirits must be licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The Commonwealth has established a three-tier system where each licensee falls into only one of the three-tiers (retailer, wholesaler or manufacturer). 

Massachusetts' current system is beneficial for all consumers, brewers, and distributors for several reasons:

  • They facilitate product diversity and consumer choice by encouraging distributors to invest capital and labor in the creation of new markets for emerging beers and the expansion of markets for existing products.

  • They safeguard an open, accountable and transparent marketplace where brewers of all sizes can compete and access retailers of all sizes.

  • They ensure all three tiers (brewers, distributors and retailers) operate independently. This independence creates a transparent and accountable distribution system that protects consumers from abuses and counterfeit or adulterated product.