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Distributors Voices in Brewbound: "Dealing with SKU-Mageddon "

The explosion of new beers in the market has had ripple effects across the beer industry. Perhaps no tier has been more impacted than beer distributors. 

On the surface, the distributor’s role appears simple enough: they buy beer from breweries and deliver beer to retailers. But the best distributors serve as are more than just delivery drivers. And, as the number of beer brands and packages being brought to market increases, the distribution business itself gets more complicated.

In part I of his two-part column for Brewbound Voices, Kary Shumway describes the inner workings of a beer distributor and begins to explain how these organizations are evolving to accommodate an onslaught of new craft beers. In part II, Shumway explores the challenges and opportunities of craft beer proliferation, and offers financial tips for distributors looking to more effectively manage their own complex beer portfolios. 

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Courtesy  BrewBound .

Courtesy BrewBound.

Carrie Nash